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21 September 2004
We introduced our web site www.ebitrad.ro

Welcome to all our visitors


The services provided by us might constitute a real benefit for the development of your business and, therefore, we are constantly committed to understand your needs and requirements.

We are committed to provide services on the highest quality level, in order to highlight your company’s image and we are willing to show you that, by choosing us, you have taken a special decision.

It is a great honor for us to become your trusty partner in international communication.

We are providing translation services in and from any worldwide spoken language and also in and from most of the regional spoken languages.

Upon customer request, we are providing for the certification of the translated documents and, for this purpose, we are cooperating with Public Notaries.

We are able to engage translators and interpreters which are authorized by the Ministry of Justice to support you on any business meeting, solemnity before the marital status officials, symposium and colloquium.

Any material submitted for translation, any information obtained during the translation process, and also the management of projects, technical writing etc. will be regarded as strictly confidential.

Translation areas
Technical, Legal, Economic, Banking, Financial, Medical

Official documents:
Certificates, certified empowerment letters, certified statements, company documents, accounting documents, expert appraisements, reports, analytical programs

Personal correspondence:
Letters, fax, requests, offers, orders, memos, catalogs, price lists etc.

Personal documents:
Certificates of marriage/divorce, certificates of birth/decease, diplomas, registration forms, criminal record, etc.

Technical documentation, literature, websites, research projects, movies subtitle, booklets, emigration files, employment files.

Related services

Computerized make-up

We are providing price-included make-up services for each material submitted to us for translation.

Certification of translated documents

Time is money and you don’t want to LOOSE TIME!

We are helping you to save time and money by providing the certification service for all translated document types, by a Public Notary, insuring quick service for each requested certification.

Scanning, graphical processing

Our company is providing for the following services: document and picture scanning, insertion in different materials, high-quality graphical processing of scanned documents and pictures, document save on floppy disk or on CD, translated document’s conversion to PDF.

Documents printing and binding

Each material translated by our company is handed over to the customer as a black and white printout but we are also providing for color printouts at additional charge.

Tel: +40-21-3202870
Fax: +40-21-3202870

Email: office@ebitrad.ro

Info: info@ebitrad.ro



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